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For 20 years James Mullenix has been synonymous with extreme horsepower applications including classics, muscle cars, high performance street, race cars, boats, and off road racing. When professional builders and owners are looking for that next level of power they call James.

James loves high-horsepower performance and recently has set his focus on late model LS performance engines. Whether you’re looking for 2,000hp+ race application, or a 500hp street application, Mullenix has a turn-key solution for you!

Our mission is to consistently and efficiently deliver high quality engines, cylinder heads and engine parts through continuous investment and process improvement. We also only offer and include parts that we believe in. We want to keep you on the road. Please contact us today for your engine, cylinder head and engine part needs.
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We build complete GM LS Engines for race and street applications. We are also an authorized dealer for proven high performance engine parts and components.

Working With

Kibbetech Racing
Sponsor. Custom Engine Builder & EFI Tuning.

Beard Bros Co.
Sponsor. Custom Engine Builder

Red Wolf
Custom Engine Supplier

Cray Readymade
Magneson Supercharger Supplier

Food Truck Wayfarers
Custom Engine Supplier

Shabby Chic Raw
Vortec Super Charger Installations

Denim Motor Rights
Magneson Super Charger Installations

Complete LS Engine Installations

What’s new

  • Rage at the River Champion
    Rage at the River Champion
  • New Black Widow Performance Mufflers
    New Black Widow Performance Mufflers